Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Updates

Obviously I'm not the most talented at blogging. Nevertheless, here we are with our latest (and oldest) news.

Today I was released as a den leader over Dallin's Wolf den and called to be an assistant secretary in the Primary. We have such a big Primary that we have two counselors and a secretary over the senior Primary and two counselors and a secretary over the junior Primary. I am the secretary over the junior Primary. I am actually very excited about this calling. I love working with young children. They are so sweet.

Jarin was released back in February or March from his calling as the Primary Chorister. Now he works with the 12-13 year old Boy Scouts as an assistant Scout master (as well as a Home Teaching supervisor). Needless to say, he is very busy with the Scouts/Young Men now.

Jarin is working VERY hard in his new landscaping job with Odyssey Landscaping. It is the busy season right now because the snow is gone and everyone is getting ready for the outdoors. So we hardly see him. His responsibilities are with sales and account managing. His dreams about driving a truck have come true. He drives all around Utah in a brand new Toyota Tacoma talking with hundreds of new people. He is loving his job and I am loving having an income!


Jennifer said...

It sounds like Jarin's job is going great! Thayne will be jealous that he gets to drive a nice, new toyota. My poor husband is still driving an old nissan altima around a construction site :) Oh well, it keeps us humble.
That's a good idea to have all of that help in the primary- you'll be great at secretary. Jarin will be great at asst. scout master too-- however very busy calling.

Kerrie said...

I'm so glad things are going well with Jarin's new job. Jake will be extremely jealous to hear about the Toyota Tacoma. They are beautiful trucks! Is it yours or the company's? Both of your new callings fit you well.

Scott said...

Hurray, you finally updated! I was beginning to worry that you would never update again. What happened to the nice BMW that Jarin was driving? They are both nice cars, and I think the truck probably fits Jarin better. The new callings sound like fun!

JIll said...

Well congrats to Jarin and his new job!Also, what a bonus to be cruising around in nice truck!

Kerrie said...

PS I love the new blog template. Very cute!!

Amber said...

You have such an adorable family. I can't believe how big they all look since I last saw you guys.