Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Kamrie!

Last week was declared Kamrie Week. Starting the Sunday before her birthday to the Saturday after, Kamrie did not have to do any chores, would get to go first with everything, and had little acts of service performed for her throughout the week. I think she was in heaven.

On her birthday, I pulled her out of school early to get these pretty little things on her ears:

Next, as a family, she wanted to go swimming at an indoor pool. I "accidently" forgot to take pictures of that. The water was warm and we all had fun playing "Marco-Polo", racing, and playing on the water slides. We ended up getting McDonald's for dinner due to the lack of time. It wasn't her top pick. In fact, if she could've, we would have ended up at Red Lobster for some lobster, shrimp, and crab. When we got home, we sang Happy Birthday, ate a Hello Kitty cupcake concoction and ice cream, and opened presents. She loved the outfit she got from Grandma and Grandpa D, the makeup she's been dreaming about for a year now from Grandma and Grandpa Price, and a makeup mirror and Littlest Pet Shop toys from us. I think it was the best birthday ever! She was all smiles that day.

Sisi The Beautician!

Sienna is always wanting to do my makeup. I've let her practice quite a few times. She has really quite improved. Here are her masterpieces.

Her first time:

Sorry about the non expression. I had to take the picture several times since I was by myself and Sienna couldn't figure out how to take it for me. A little scary, I know.
The last time:
She even put on my eyeliner in this last picture. She has got a steady hand for a three year old.