Friday, February 1, 2008


Sienna insisted on doing the dishes. She actually did a good job rinsing and placing them in the dishwasher. I need to cherish this because her enthusiasm for helping will fade, I'm sure, like the others. We are not allowed to call her our baby anymore. She will correct you and say, "I not a baby. I a big girl." And that she is. We are potty training her this week. Her "number one" is doing great. Her "number two" needs a little work, as I feared. She is afraid to go number two in the toilet. She will actually ask me to put a diaper on her when she needs to go. A few minutes later after she has "done her duty", she will let me know and I put her underwear back on (after I clean up, of course).

Kamrie had two loose teeth for a couple of months. She was excited to get her permanent teeth in, until the first one came in behind her baby tooth. I called the dentist and made an appointment for her to be seen because I wasn't sure if it would somehow still come out on its own or if it would need to be pulled. The dentist said that it had to be pulled. She only had a topical ointment placed around her tooth before they pulled it out. But she was tough. Then the dentist had to try and decide if her other bottom tooth would have the same problem. If so, she would be right back in to get it pulled as well. He felt it would be wise to pull it now versus later. This one was harder to get out. I could see her body tense during the process. I HATE watching my kids be in pain. Tears came to both our eyes. But she was still very tough and the dental assistant commented on how amazingly brave she was. Kamrie then got a big chocolate covered ice cream cone from Arctic Cirlce and eight quarters from the tooth fairy that night. Kamrie said she felt the tooth fairy take her teeth and give her the money. She now has a harder time saying words with "s" and "sh". It is quite cute.

On the left is the Juarez Temple in Mexico. This is the temple that inspired President Hinckley to build many small temples around the world. On the right is the "Jenny Phillips" fireside group that went to Mexico to sing a few weekends ago. They are standing in front of the LDS high school called the Academy. They sang here as well as for the Stake in the area. Jarin stayed with a really nice couple with a big house. The wife is from Utah and the husband is native to the area.