Monday, January 14, 2008

Temple Square

Every December we like to go to Salt Lake Temple Square and look at the lights. This year we invited Grandma Nae, took some hot chocolate, and had a nice time enjoying one of our holiday traditions.

Dallin's Baptism

So Dallin was baptized and confirmed over a month ago on December 1st. I don't know what my deal is, but I can't seem to either find the time or the energy to blog sometimes. But here it finally is.

It was a wonderful day with Grandma and Grandpa D, the Spragues, Grandpa Stevens, Quin and Vanessa and family, Becca, the Flints, and a couple of neighbors who showed their support. We enjoyed quite the snow storm that morning. Thank goodness we had several soups to choose from for the luncheon afterwards. It was the perfect meal for a cold, blustery day. Thanks to everyone who helped out by bringing a soup, for the gifts, and for showing up. I really appreciate everyone's love and support for our sweet Dallin. It was a special day for him. I am so happy that he has chosen to follow his Savior and gain the awesome gift of the Holy Ghost to help him in this life. I am really proud of him and his decisions. Here are some pictures from that day. Dallin isn't smiling in them because I think he doesn't like his smile (he has mentioned that once before). I know it was a happy day for him.