Monday, April 27, 2009

Sisi Marie's Birthday

Sienna chose a chocolate cake and rainbow sherbet for her celebration.

Phew! I finally have time to blog about Sienna's fourth birthday. Of course she was treated like a princess all week since it was Sienna Week. She didn't have to do chores (not that she really does much anyway because she's the baby and is spoiled that way already) and everyone was really good at sharing their stuff with her and letting her have basically whatever she wanted. I think it was a real shock when the week was over because it went back to the old ways and she wasn't sure why she wasn't getting all the attention anymore ;). Overall, she seemed to have a wonderful time. The day before her birthday, we did whatever she wanted. She chose to go to Olive Garden for lunch as a family. She was talking about the place for a month prior to the "big day". I think she just liked the look of the building. It is a pretty restaurant.

Here we are at Olive Garden.

Sienna getting sung to by the waiters/waitresses.

After Olive Garden, she wanted to go play tennis. Taylor talked her into that one because he has been dying to go for a year now. We bought everyone a tennis racket and went down to the high school and played for about an hour. I'm not sure that she loved the activity, but she sure looked cute in her tennis outfit. With a summer dress, zip up hoodie, white tennis shoes, and a ponytail, Sienna looked like a tennis player. Unfortunately our camera wouldn't work for me at the tennis courts, so I don't have a picture of her playing.

After tennis, we went to Cold Stone Creamery and got her her very own Kid's Creation--cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears. Of course the rest of us shared some favorites, a chocolate peanut butter lover's creation and sweet cream with strawberries. I love Cold Stone ...mmm mmm.

Later that evening when we got home, Sienna went on a "hunt" for her new present. Since it was too big to wrap, we told her to search the basement for her present. She found it in the shower and was very excited to get a new princess two-wheel bike with training wheels. Our camera was still not cooperating, so we video taped the whole thing. When I can figure out how to put short video clips on the blogger, I will post it, because it was really cute.

The next day, Sunday, was her real birthday. She chose the dinner:

Sisi's birthday dinner: Top Ramen, strawberries, and Hannah Montana rainbow yogurt. Well the yogurt isn't Hannah Montana like she wanted; I couldn't find that. But it is a rainbow yogurt and I added in a grilled cheese sandwich for more options. Yum yum!
Sienna opening presents.

Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Sienna modeling her new apron made by Grandma D and her Tinkerbell sunglasses and flip-flops. She also got a Tinkerbell beach towel, which she loves.

Sienna is wearing an adorable outfit she received from Grandma and Grandpa D.