Sunday, May 27, 2007

Smart Kid

Just thought I'd brag a little. Taylor came home from school on Friday with a certificate he earned in front of the whole school that says he performed in the top ten percent nationally in the areas of science, social studies, reading, and total composite on the Iowa tests given at school. We took him out for ice cream to celebrate. He got his very own medium-sized peanut butter cup shake. That's saying a lot since he usually gets to share a small shake with a sibling when we go out for ice cream. Way to go, Tay!

Soccer Games

The boys have been playing in our city soccer league for over a month now. I'd have to say that they are both pretty aggressive players (even Dallin!). They missed their first two soccer games when we went to visit everyone in California. From what I understand, their teams struggled at those first two games. The first Saturday back, a mom who has kids on both Dallin and Taylor's teams said that the teams looked so much better that week and that she was glad our boys were back. What a proud parent I was! They haven't won all their games, but they sure know how to hussle and work hard. A few times Dallin was the only one to score any goals for his team. Taylor's team is little more about teamwork and assists. He has scored a couple of goals; but he has also assisted in passes for goals. Here are some pics of them at their games:

Hard to tell, but that's Taylor, kicking hard!

It's a battle between the quickest feet. Go, Tay!

This is what Sisi thinks of her big brother's game.

Come on Dal, straight for the goal!

Dallin has this one all to himself!

Way to play, Dallin!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who has time to blog?

Read my first blog below before you read this one.

Well, here's the real reason I don't enjoy spending too much time on the computer. Three separate times in the last three months while I was on the computer, Sienna failed to have my attention and totally ruined three different things.

#1 She knocked our grandfather clock over, trying to get a ball that rolled behind it somehow. Luckily, she was ok; but the glass on one of the sides of the grandfather clock completely shattered and hopefully, one day, will be replaced.

#2 Another time, she climbed up and got some red Kool-aid in a pitcher (that Jarin made and left out) and poured the entire thing on my carpet in the computer room. I was sitting right there, but oblivious to anything she was doing. The stain remains, even after three months and having the professionals come out to clean it. It is about 12 to 15 inches in diameter. Needless to say, red Kool-aid is now banned from our house.

#3 Just last week, I was on the computer for no longer than 10 minutes when I suddenly realized Sienna was too quiet for my liking. I found her with a ballpoint pen in hand and "artwork" on every cushion of my green couches. So far those have not come out either. I will be purchasing some "Solve-it" cleaner on a recommendation from a friend in hopes that it will soon come out. But until then, the cushions remain upside down. I only hope something doesn't happen to the top sides now. I no longer have a way to hide it.

I will continue to take chances for now with my property and try to get at least a little bit written in my blogspot. Who knows, there might be a catastrophe right now somewhere in the house. If my home completely falls apart due to my two year old, I may have to stop blogging. She no longer takes naps consistently; so I can't blog then. I suppose I could write on Sunday afternoons when Jarin is home or at night when she's in bed. But by bedtime, I'm ready to shut down and not be required to think. So Sunday afternoons it will probably have to be (however, I might be getting that much needed nap in then).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Can it really be . . .?

Ok, ok. So we decided to come out of the prehistoric age and create our very own family blogspot (without any pressure from Mom, right?) :) Cute and crazy things just keep happening in our family all the time. I figured that it's time to let you all know about them and keep some kind of record for our family in the process. Time is going too fast. I can't believe how old my kids are getting. I'm actually kind of sad about that. I want them to stay little for a long time. But since they can't, I will at least be able to remember what they used to be like through this blogspot. Hopefully you enjoy hearing about the craziness and chaos as much as we enjoy living in it.