Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here are the birthdays I have missed over the last few months:

Feb.10 : Kamrie Jeneal turns 6! She wanted a "date" with her parents. So we took her out to dinner at Red Lobster (her choice) and went shopping at the mall and Toys R Us.

This is one sweet girl ready to dig into one sweet cake.

This is the family, minus the mom because she is always behind the camera.

March 28: Jarin turns the Big 3-5! We took the whole family to get some burgers from the Training Table. It wasn't his first choice to eat out there; but it was getting late, we were hungry, and the Training Table didn't have a wait like everyone else. However, we made up for it by going to Red Lobster later to get his favorite meal, the Ultimate Feast, thanks to Mom and Dave's gift card.

We're ready to dig into a gluten-free angel food cake with strawberries! Yum! Yum!

Jarin's reaction to Mom and Dave's card.

Jarin's reaction to my (sniff) card.

April 19th: Sienna Marie (aka Sisi) turns 3! This time we took the family to Red Robin.

Sisi was very excited when the waitress brought out this monster of a Mudd Pie.

As you can see, we were all very excited too!

She almost inhaled the fire trying to blow the candles out.
Her cake was very pink--just how she wanted it.

Sisi loves her new dress that Grandma D made for her.


Donna said...

Wow, that was alot of catching up to do! Glad you had all the photos from their birthdays. That was some Mudd pie for Sienna's birthday. I'm sure the whole family enjoyed it and had leftovers too. :) Sisi looks so cute in her monkey dress. I was afraid it wouldn't fit because it is a size 2 but the patterns are huge. Good to see she fits into it at least for a while! She has to wear the monkey ponytails with it! :)

Jennifer said...

Remember when I promised to send cards for everyone's birthdays??-- yeah, I still didn't send them, but I thought of everyone on their big days :)
I can't believe SiSi is three! She looks cute in her monkey dress.

Kerrie said...

So I sent a card to Sisi and just got it back today saying I didn't have enough postage. Bummer. Anyway, we were thinking of Kamrie, Jarin and Sisi on their birthdays. All of those desserts look delicious!

Scott and Maran said...

Yeah...I'm bad at sending my nieces and nephews cards for their birthdays. I guess I just figure that kids would rather get a present than a card, although sending a card is definitely better than nothing. I can't believe how fast your kids are growing. They are all so good looking. Hannah loves Sisi. Every time she sees Sisi's pictures, she gets so excited.

emily salway said...

So glad to see you blogging again! I can get to your blog through Julie's. Happy Birthday to your whole family!! And congrats to Taylor and the contacts!! I don't know when (if ever) Amanda will go for those.