Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Super, Fun Week

On Tuesday, Dallin had a first grade singing program for parents. He did great. It was a good year with a good teacher and perfect grades. His report card this week said he had all Y's, which means "yes, mastery" and is comparable to A's. Here's a picture of him at his program:

Not the best picture. But you can still see him in the center, back.

Wednesday night, Kamrie had a preschool graduation and dance recital. Her preschool also offered dance to little girls after preschool one day a week. She was an adorable little bumblebee. I wish I could show you a video and pictures, but we don't have a fire wire to get them off our camcorder. Just know that she was super giggly and very cute.

Thursday evening, Taylor had a scout pack meeting. It was an end of school year bash (since school ended that morning) with a potluck and hot dog dinner. The boys tested their bikes for safety, learned how to fix flats, did a bike obstacle course, and learned the safety rules for riding bikes. He is close to earning his wolf badge. It'll take a visit to a local museum, helping make an outdoor meal, and answering some questions. He should be done by the end of this month. Good thing, because he'll be a bear scout in July on his birthday. We are cutting it close.

Friday, we had a great first day out of school. It was just me and the kids (meaning no friends) and I LOVED IT! First, we played Uno for a little while. Then we went to Thanksgiving Point to a Dinosaur Museum Gift shop. We didn't have the funds to actually do the museum; but the kids got to pick a souvenir for doing so well in school. Kamrie got a bracelet with seashells, Taylor got some Pokemon cards (from Wal-Mart because everything he wanted was out of my price range at the gift shop), Dallin got some cool rocks and a large green crystal shaped like a diamond, and Sisi got a magnet Zoo quiet activity thingy just for the heck of it. Well, hopefully it will keep her somewhat quiet during church. Afterwards, we went to a really cool ice cream shop at Thanksgiving point and shared some ice cream. We love ice cream in this family. Dallin said it was the best day he ever had. I think we all enjoyed it (up until the Wal-Mart experience, that is). When we got home, the boys helped pack their things for a Ward Father's/Son's camp-out at Camp Timpanookee in the American Fork Canyon. They had a cold, but fun time with everyone up there. Jarin and the boys slept in the van so they could get home in time for Dallin's soccer game which was at 9 AM the next morning. Jarin said the van was smaller than he realized. The boys slept well; but he was the sandwich meat between the boys on the air mattress. Too bad. Kamrie, Sisi, and I had a fabulous girls' night out. We ate out at Arby's and then went to a park. Afterwards, we came home and watched the latest Barbie movie and ate candy. I think the movie was called "Fairytopia, Magic of the Rainbow" or something like that.

We finished off the week on Saturday with two soccer games. Dallin played first and scored the only two goals for his team. It was a tie with the other team. But my go-getter was upsetting the other team and he got pulled down by the shirt a couple of times out of frustration. Dallin didn't care though. He'd just get right back up and play hard. Taylor scored two of his team's three goals. His team won 3-2. Some of the parents told us that they were amazed with Taylor because he didn't seem to notice that he was much smaller than the other team players and would take them head on. I think it helps that they started practicing with an awesome soccer coach from Peru a few weeks ago. His name is Willy Salinas. He is trying to build up a team of all star players from Saratoga Springs when he feels they are ready. He has practices twice a week and has been teaching some really good stuff to our boys. Taylor and Dallin are in the top five for his team. Who knows, maybe they can earn scholarships to college because of soccer. We'll have to see in the coming years if it is still an interest to them. One can only hope! Then we completed our Saturday with swimming in our friends' brand new swimming pool. It was so awesome! They had a twirly slide, a diving board, and water that shot out from the sides like a fountain into the center of the pool. What a fun week!


Kerrie said...

Wow, you had a busy week. Sounds like it was fun though. So do you enjoy summers with all four kids home or do you prefer school?

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun week! We had very similar things in May- father/son campout, dance recital, preschool graduation. I don't think my kids are going to have quite a fun first day at home, I have too much to do this week. In fact I should be doing them now.

Hollie said...

I really enjoy having the kids home for the summer because there is no set schedule. I enjoy relaxing and playing with them. But it is also nice when school starts again because they start getting contentious by the end of summer and need that schedule again.

Scott said...

I am excited to be busy like that when my kids are older. I think it's really cool that your kids can be so involved and aren't just sitting around the house all day.