Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our 11th Anniversary

Jarin and I celebrated our anniversary this week by staying at one of our favorite bed and breakfast places, The Hines Mansion. We like it because it's an old large home with some interesting history. The innkeeper told us that Butch Cassidy used to hide out in one of the rooms there. She said that it's rumored that he is actually buried somewhere in Utah because his grandmother wrote that in her journal. We stayed in "The Library" room. It has a hidden door to the bathroom and a spiral staircase up to the loft where there is a jetted tub with a sky light. We went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. They served Jarin some gluten-free pasta that tasted pretty good.

Uncle Courtney watched our kids for us. They had a great day with him. He took them to the Hogle Zoo to see the "ghost of the bayou." It's a white alligator. Taylor thought it was so cool. Then they went to a park, ate some McDonald's, came home and watched "Richie Rich." He spoiled them rotten and they LOVED IT!


leslie jo said...

Good you got out and your kids were spoiled that whats uncles and aunts are for right? I want to go to that mansion someday sounds cool but not cheesy like the Anniversary Inns. Is that the one in SLC too?

Hollie said...

I think it is only in Provo because it is named after one of the past owners of the home. If you stay there, the best one is the "Penthouse". You can check it out online.

Kerrie said...

How fun! I remember you talking about that mansion before. Too bad Jake and I never went. We'll have to find something like that out here.

Sounds like the kids had a lot of fun with Uncle Courtney. I miss having family around for many reason is having babysitters that love your kids and are eager and willing to watch them. Hopefully some day we will live close to family again.

Donna said...

So important to get out occasionally without the kids! Happy 11th anniversary! Mom