Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who has time to blog?

Read my first blog below before you read this one.

Well, here's the real reason I don't enjoy spending too much time on the computer. Three separate times in the last three months while I was on the computer, Sienna failed to have my attention and totally ruined three different things.

#1 She knocked our grandfather clock over, trying to get a ball that rolled behind it somehow. Luckily, she was ok; but the glass on one of the sides of the grandfather clock completely shattered and hopefully, one day, will be replaced.

#2 Another time, she climbed up and got some red Kool-aid in a pitcher (that Jarin made and left out) and poured the entire thing on my carpet in the computer room. I was sitting right there, but oblivious to anything she was doing. The stain remains, even after three months and having the professionals come out to clean it. It is about 12 to 15 inches in diameter. Needless to say, red Kool-aid is now banned from our house.

#3 Just last week, I was on the computer for no longer than 10 minutes when I suddenly realized Sienna was too quiet for my liking. I found her with a ballpoint pen in hand and "artwork" on every cushion of my green couches. So far those have not come out either. I will be purchasing some "Solve-it" cleaner on a recommendation from a friend in hopes that it will soon come out. But until then, the cushions remain upside down. I only hope something doesn't happen to the top sides now. I no longer have a way to hide it.

I will continue to take chances for now with my property and try to get at least a little bit written in my blogspot. Who knows, there might be a catastrophe right now somewhere in the house. If my home completely falls apart due to my two year old, I may have to stop blogging. She no longer takes naps consistently; so I can't blog then. I suppose I could write on Sunday afternoons when Jarin is home or at night when she's in bed. But by bedtime, I'm ready to shut down and not be required to think. So Sunday afternoons it will probably have to be (however, I might be getting that much needed nap in then).


Kerrie said...

Wow, you've got a wild one. I'm so glad that Si-si didn't get hurt when the grandfather clock fell. It's always scary when Allie is silent...she's either looking at books or she's into something she shouldn't be. I hope you continue to find time to blog!

Jennifer said...

Little stinker-- good thing she is so cute! She sounds like she is in the ranks with Kaden and Taylor!
Maybe I should count my blessings that I have a doscile child---as long as she walks at some point. :)

La Familia Sprague said...

I'm glad you're blogging!! I'm lucky I get to see you guys every once in awhile, too. I guess I should also count my blessings that Hannah is still little and can't get into things (although I'm sure she will). Si-si is just so darn cute, though, I bet it's hard to get mad at her.

Mom said...

She definitely is an active one. Where is your computer located? Lets figure this one out so that you continue to blog. I can't believe she knocked over the Grandfather clock. Wow. I remember when the first three were born that I had no time to even go to the bathroom. David got into the razor blades when he was three. They are sure cute, but don't know enough about being safe. When does pre school start? Probably not for another year? Anyway, try to blog at some point. We love to read it. Mom