Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soccer Games

The boys have been playing in our city soccer league for over a month now. I'd have to say that they are both pretty aggressive players (even Dallin!). They missed their first two soccer games when we went to visit everyone in California. From what I understand, their teams struggled at those first two games. The first Saturday back, a mom who has kids on both Dallin and Taylor's teams said that the teams looked so much better that week and that she was glad our boys were back. What a proud parent I was! They haven't won all their games, but they sure know how to hussle and work hard. A few times Dallin was the only one to score any goals for his team. Taylor's team is little more about teamwork and assists. He has scored a couple of goals; but he has also assisted in passes for goals. Here are some pics of them at their games:

Hard to tell, but that's Taylor, kicking hard!

It's a battle between the quickest feet. Go, Tay!

This is what Sisi thinks of her big brother's game.

Come on Dal, straight for the goal!

Dallin has this one all to himself!

Way to play, Dallin!


Donna said...

Hurray to both Taylor and Dallin on such good soccer playing. I'm glad they like sports. If I lived closer, I'd come watch them play. Glad to see you made the time to blog Hollie. Love yas Mom

Kerrie said...

Smart, athletic, handsome...the girls are going to be crawling all over these boys soon, if they're not already. Better keep an eye on them.

Love all the pictures...makes me feel like I'm not so far away. We miss you guys.

Scott said...

Yes, I agree with Kerrie....better keep an eye on those boys:) I used to love playing soccer as well but I wasn't as good at it as they are. Great job to both of them!!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome job to Dallin and Taylor! I wish we lived closer so we could watch a game! Way to hustle!