Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sisi The Beautician!

Sienna is always wanting to do my makeup. I've let her practice quite a few times. She has really quite improved. Here are her masterpieces.

Her first time:

Sorry about the non expression. I had to take the picture several times since I was by myself and Sienna couldn't figure out how to take it for me. A little scary, I know.
The last time:
She even put on my eyeliner in this last picture. She has got a steady hand for a three year old.


Maran said...

That first picture is hilarious to me. Si si is really good at doing makeup. The second picture is pretty close to how you wear your makeup everyday. Maybe she'll be a beautician.

Donna said...

That first picture made me laugh out loud. You are brave to post it. She has definitely improved. I may even let her do my makeup next time we are together! What a cutie!

Kerrie said...

I have to agree, that first picture is hilarious. It looks like you could be in a horror film. But the second picture...awesome! She's really good. I haven't dared let Allie do my makeup but maybe I'll let her try.

JIll said...

Ok, that is too funny!She is really improving though!But I think you need to teach her how to do hair.We could use someone in the family who can cut and do color to save us some money.

Rich and Crys said...

Haha! That is hilarious! You are such a fun mommy. :)