Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I loved Halloween this year. The weather was unusually warm. Halloween was on a Friday. We hung out with Scott, Maran, and Hannah that night. And, of course, the candy is always delicious. Thanks kids for doing all the work and getting the treats! Jarin actually did a bit of trick or treating himself. Instead of staying home to hand out candy, we brought it with us to hand out as we passed by the neighbors. You'll have to see as you scroll down how my creative and attention-loving husband handed out the candy. Boy is he a ham!

Here's our darling angel walking along in the school parade.

Dallin couldn't decide what he wanted to be until about a week before Halloween. That's when he picked out the cheapest Halloween costume anyone could think of. He wanted to be a bag of trash. Unfortunatley, we miscommunicated about what he should do with his costume at school and he threw away his "trashy" costume. So, he wore three other costumes that we had lying around that day (he was a bit undecided).

We didn't get good individual pictures of Sienna, Taylor, and Jarin. But here is a group shot. If you can't tell, Sienna was a Snow Princess and had the most beautiful eyes that day. We put mascara on her and her blonde eyelashes turned into these lush, long eyelashes. I think she enjoyed feeling so pretty and getting comments on her eyes all day. Taylor came up with the idea of being a hobo for Halloween. That was easy enough. His sign said, "Hungry. Need treats." In a sense, aren't we a bit like the beggars on the streets at Halloween time? And Jarin . . . was a toilet. Nice, huh? The kids would lift the seat to retrieve their prize from inside the toilet bowl. He would tell the kids, "Trick or treat. Lift my seat." Some kids weren't too sure about that and would give him funny looks.

Afterwards, we got home about 8:00 and ate Mummy Dogs, fruit, and orange/banana smoothies topped with Cool Whip shaped ghosts. I should've taken pictures. But I got in such a hurry that I forgot. I probably won't make this meal a tradition. Personally I like the soups and chilis in a bread bowl. We'll have to see if we can find gluten-free bread bowls next year.

We ended the day by snuggling up with each other on the bean bag and watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." We thought it would be a good transitional movie from Halloween to Christmas. But it ended up being even more weird than we remembered. The most important thing was just spending time together. While lying there on the bean bag, I felt so much joy just being with my family.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like it was a great Halloween! The girls both look so beautiful! Where did you get their costumes? I loved the boys creativity too-- including Jarin--HILARIOUS!

Hollie said...

Sisi's was a hand me down from Kamrie two years ago. Kamrie's I bought off ebay this year. They were both from Target. Unfortunately, I think Sisi's got ruined from the rain. It kept dragging on the ground and got very dirty.

Petersen Kids said...

The costumes all look great, I'm sad we missed it. Jarin is so funny, no wonder all kids love him.

Angela said...

I love the garbage bag costume and the toilet, that is hilarious! You guys are such a cute family:)

Maran said...

Kamrie looks like a model in that picture! Si si's eyes did look beautiful, too. Seriously, I have such beautiful nieces and nephews! Thanks for having us over! We had a lot of fun!!

leslie jo said...

I am so proud of you for being so on the bawl with your bloggin halloween. IT was fun to see you guys on Sat your kids are so sweet.
I love teh bag of trash and the toilet soo funny.!

Kerrie said...

Those are some very creative costumes. The girls looked gorgeous, and the boys...well, they looked "trashy." Sounds like you had a great halloween. Wish we could have been there with you. Allie would have loved to trick or treated with Sisi.