Monday, July 23, 2007

Here's a Bit of Our Last Month

I haven't had much time the last few Sundays to blog. So here are some pictures from the last month:

We had a great time on Taylor's birthday. We went swimming, watched Ratatouille, ate at Fazoli's, came home, and ate some Rainbow Chip cake and Rainbow Sherbet (and Moose Tracks for those with a chocolate tooth).

A little 4th of July celebration and festivities.

Here's having a good time with cousins! Sisi thinks she is so funny.

Shawn and Brittney's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple.

Trampoline fun at Grandpa Stevens' house.


Kerrie said...

It just dawned on me that Taylor is 9! I hope I didn't write happy 8th birthday in Taylor's card. He's growing up too fast.

Looks like you guys have been having a very fun and busy summer. Your hair is very cute in that picture of you and Jarin. I'm excited to see you guys next week.

Mom said...

Very cute photos. The kids are growing up so fast. Sisi is funny with the ear things. I too like your hair color and updo. Very cute. Love yas and see you soon.

Jennifer said...

Cute pics! I love Kamrie's hair in the trampoline picture. Ella's face looks weird in the tub picture, but the rest look cute! Ready for round II?- see ya in a couple of days!